Crazy Dwarf

TomTom and De Gekke Dwerg

Pop, folk, rock, err ... singer/songwriter?

Vocals, guitar, drums.

Or more, depending on whoever joins in.

We mainly play original material by De Gekke Dwerg, but sometimes you might catch us playing a farfetched cover song.

TomTom (Thomas van Nieuwenhoven); drums (or water bottle)



The Cranks

The Hollow Men


House of Cosy Cushions

21.3 Gramos

Lee Mason

Children Sumadre


De Gekke Dwerg (Gideon Hekkenberg); vocals, guitar (sometimes bass, violin or mandolin)



‘campfire guitarist’

The Jolly Conscientious Objectors

Back Flip Splat

The Animal Project


Jazzle, Spoof & Splotch

Jigsaw Reminiscence

Esmeralda and the Mobile Phonies


Bedstead Tremolo

50 Lux

Kok & Wesley



Filthy Nelly

frtl: Gijsje, Miss Crisis, TomTom and De Gekke Dwerg, 2016

fmvrtl: TomTom, Millie and De Gekke Dwerg, 2014

frtl: TomTom, Rudolph Grosslocherschwanzenmacher and De Gekke Dwerg, 2012

Harbour song 2010

fltr: TomTom, Willy and De Gekke Dwerg, 2009

Lilly, 2006

Former or floating members:

Miss Crisis (Chris Vermeulen); violin, vocals

Gijsje (Gijs Baas); double bass, vocals

Millie (Wenko Millaard); guitar, mandolin, vocals

Rudolph Grosslocherschwanzenmacher (Roelof de Groot); bass guitar, ukulele

Willy (Wim Kooy); keyboard, vocals

Violenpaultje (Paul Crucq); violin

Lilly (Lydia de Leeuw); violin